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Babysitter Workshop : Toilet Training for Children

27 January 2015

This activity is aimed for providing babysitters with knowledge about how to train their children to use the toilet. This topic was chosed based on children's need, especially Early Preschool children since they need to be able to do the daily self - care activity independently and learn about healthy life.

This workshop's divided into several activities as followings:
a. Shared and listed about what the children do if they want to go to the toilet and how many children still putting on diapers.
b. Shared and listed what the babysitters do when the children want to pee or pup.
c. Shared and listed what the babysitters do to teach the toilet training for their children.

d. Explained the benefits of knowing the steps of toilet training.
e. Babysitters had role play how to talk & act to children.